Mission Home Address:

Mission Home Address:
Elder James Eldon Riches
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Rua Republica da Armenia,765
Agua Fria
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Como está?
This week passed so fast! I am forgetting what exactly happened.. Haha.

We have been working with our Investagators to gethem to come to church. We have been finding many less-actives and we are helping the return to the light.
I read 3rd Nephi this week and finished this morning. I have never felt a stronger testimony of Christ in my life then when i read about when he was here in the americas. It was an amazing experience and i hope to read it again soon. I will be finishing the book of mormon in a week or so! Can't wait. I love that book!!!!

 Elder Pinheiro and I are practically brothers. I love working with him. We have been working hard with the members and we even started a Choir in our ward. We have many great investagators. We are working with a women who has a daughter in Sweden! She showed us a ton of Photos. It is so beautiful there...! We talked about Eternal Marriage in church on sunday. We ended up talking about the Preisthood haha. Life is great here in Russas.
I made pancakes this week! They turned out super good. I am becoming a chef. :D
I don't have much to report about this week. We had 8 baptisms in our Zone and 2 in our District! The Sisters are baptizing a lot! Good for them! :D
We hope to have a baptism this week! Gabrielle. Everyone pray for Gabrielle! She is a 15 year old girl who is super interestted in the Church! :D

I love you all and i will send some Photos to show you all how it is! <3
Keep up the good work!
Jesus is coming. Jesus está vindo.

Elder James Riches

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