Mission Home Address:

Mission Home Address:
Elder James Eldon Riches
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission
Rua Republica da Armenia,765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-Ce

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
This past week was more productive. I found out that it's not as easy to be District Leader but the Lord trusts me to do my work. I am grate ful the opurtunity and happy to serve. We will be have a "Secret Santa" this week in our District. :D
We had an amazing inspiring Christmas Conference of our Mission. We watched "Aurthur Christmas" #AmazingChristmasStory and we ate Pancakes with Mapel Syrup (Which doesn't exist in Brazil) It was an adventure and a huge spiritually uplifting experience in my life and i thank God for having such a loving and inspired Mission President. :)

This week we will also be able talk with our parents! :) What a great time of year it is full of joy and LOVE. Speaking of love...
This past week we had a marriage! Two amazing Inestagators Welida and Lucvanio. The were married on Thursday. :D It was a very beautiful marriage. The Judge ended up talking about how Marriage was eternal and not just for this life which i found interesting. :) #Mormons
WE will be having 2-3 Baptisms this week because of some marriages that i have been helping/plaaning for some months now. They are finally happening! :D
Speaking on CHRISTMAS. #Christmas.mormon.org
I have never felt so loved by my Saviour. What a wonderful time to be happy and thankful for our Saviour. I am so grateful for the love my Saviour showed when he died for every one of us and our Sins. He lives, I know He lives. I am grateful to have been loved and created within the Peaceful joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He showed us the example of what we should do. We have so many chances to prove ourselves and He never gets angry but just simply waits, smiles , and shows His love for us through forgivness and pure unconditional love.
May we remember during these days of Light our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ and His life.
I love you all and wish you all a very merry christmas. :)

Elder Riches

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 3, 2014

Just a note. I am in a Lan House. (Place where we can enter the internet. I am currently in Aracati. I am here with a man from Italy, Argentina, and two othe americans and a sistr from Peru. Earlier today i met people from Austria and Italy. What a crazy diverse world. I was able to speak wit every single one of them. 

This week the name is WESLEY. I will share about him later in the email. Happy Halloween! We successfully had an amazing party and i will share pictures next week. :) I went as a Mummy-Missionary. ;)

We also had an amazing conference with our President Fusco. HE spoke about how we now need to help reactivate people and help them back to the Light of Christ.

We started last week to teach a dedcated and broken hearted 20 year old named Wesley. He has 2 children and his life left him. He accepted the Gospel so quickly and was baptised yesterday. :) He had troubles finding himself and throughout all 5 lessons that we gave him he showed improvement spiritually and mentally. He said ,"I never felt better than being in The Church of Jesus Christ". It was great because he has many good friends within the church as well.He truely showed with clarity the atributesd in D&C 20:37. He was baptised on November 2nd, 2014. what a great history and what a beautiful conversion. I AM grateful to be part of this work. :) I love being a missionary and servig my God.

We had an excellent Halloween paty and were abe to give a spirtual message. We were able to reativate a less-active because of the party. I feel so good that what i am doing is helping this ward nd helping these people. I thought i would mention that São Paulo (One of the biggest cities in the world and the biggest in Brazil) Where Elder Oyston is currently serving is having a drought. Please keep him in your prayers. The entire city is with, as of November 1st, out of water. 

My family and beloved ones, I know this church is true. I know that The Saviour, our King ., our example, lives. Like i heard in the devotional that was given yesterday i repeat with love and firmness. If there are 3 people left that say the church is true, i will be one of them. I cannot deny the love and charity given everyday by the church. I cannot deny that as this is the oly church in the world in which teaches about families and so clearly how we should be like or Saviour, it is true and it is His church. We were told in the Bible that we will know a true prophet , nd i put in my own words, (A true church) is true through the fruits of that Church or Prophet. We see it everyday and likewise feel it in our hearts. This is the True CHURCH of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a missionary my purpose is to help others unto Christ and find is everlasting Light. With this as my responsabilty i ask for those of you who are not members to READ the Book of Mormon , Hearken unto the Living Prophets for what they teach is good and is yes, the word of God. 

This is my TESTIMONY that I share with you all in the name of Jesus Christ, The Son of God. Amen.

With Love, Elder Riches

Monday, October 27, 2014

This week is special indeed!  I would like to wish a very happy birthday to Megan Wiberg! Love you sis!!!!

This week started out wonderfully with 2 baptisms on Sat-Sunday! We baptised a young boy and a wife of a member here in Russas-CE. :) It went very well. :) We have 1 more baptism for sure this week. God is blessing our area. :) 

With Jayne (The woman who was baptized) we had a special/spiritual experience. We had seen her in church before but never talked to her. This last week we asked her about her life and she said she wasn't a Mormon. We invited her to be baptized on the spot. She said she would think about it. We stayed with her helping with her problems.  In the end she had ,in just a week and a half, grown to be a very strong young woman with a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church. We are very proud of her and her courage. :) She was baptized , with her whole family watching. Saturday at 8:00 at night. :) It was a very special and beautiful time for her. Her sisters loved it and maybe they will come to church? :D 

We had a great experience and a great baptism. :)

 We worked very hard this last week and it payed off. :) For you Ace-Missionaries here was our numbers to let you know how Brazil is. This is here in the north of Brazil. This is a GOOD week. :) 


My companion Elder Flores has 55 days before he leaves home! We are working hard to end his mission with a bang. :) 

All is well here. :) We are working hard. This week we will host the Halloween party.  I will be sure to send lots of pics. :) 

I love you all! 

Elder Riches

Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

Monday, October 13, 2014

This past week has been great! We had 3 people to be baptised for this week but they couldn't come to church. :/
Elder Flores and I have been working well to get some people in the church.
General Conferance was amazing. For those who don't know. It is a world wide broadcasted conference with the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ speaking to us directly on how we can better our lives.
My Favorite talk was from a past Mission President in Ukraine. Jorg K.
He spoke very directly and i loved his spirit.

I am planning a Halloween Party for this ward. I have gotten some recipes so far of some cool treats. 
The members and our investagators as super excited. :)

Hope everyone is well. :)

Elder Riches

October 6

Good evening,

This past week was full of surprises. Tuesday we had an amazing Mission Conference. We learned about Repentance and changing our lives to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

Wednesday we returned and we had a surprise party for Elder Pinheiro.
It was super special. Thursday we started packing up Elder Pinheiro's bags and worked. Friday we went to Aracati and we had another surprise by the Sisters in Aracati. We returned on a bus to a city about an hour and a half from our house. After that our other bus didn't have seats and we were left stranded. (Idea!) We wrote "RUSSAS" on a piece of Cardboard and started asking for a ride. Like i said the other day.
Cars never stop to give rides here in Ceará it almost never happens.
We waited for 10 mins and then Elder Pinheiro looked at me as to say "duuh". He said ," Elder, Did you pray?" I responded "no". Realizing i had been relying on our luck and not on the Lord i said a quiet prayer and when i looked up Elder Pinheiro was still looking up at me. He said" Did you pray for a Car or a Semi?" . I realizing i hadn't asked for either said another prayer and asked for a Semi (It would be a lot more interesting). I ended my prayer and in just short 5 mins a Semi pulled over and offered a ride. Miracles Happen.

Later on Friday Night we had a super FESTA for Elder Pinheiro. It went super well. I ended up crying :P.

Saturday we listened to our dear leaders talk and give talks. Sunday we also listened to our Prophet and dear Apostles.The Talks were absolutely wonderful and if you didn't have the chance to see them watch them.. I had the chance to watch them in Portugese which made it even more interesting when The Seventy spoke in Portugese. I understood everything and was very happy for that talk. :)

Sunday night we left for Fortaleza and early this morning we said goodbye and i went to the Bus Station. I met my new companion whose name is ELDER FLORES.(Elder Flowers).

He reminds me of Josh(My Brother). He is a Brazzilian from The Very South of Brazil. He is from Rio Grande Do Sul. I hope t ohave many great times with him. He is on his mission for 1 year and 9 months. He may end his mission with me! :D

Thats all for this week! For those who didn't have the chance to watch conference, it's amazing!

Love Elder Riches

Brazil Fortaleza East Mission

Monday, September 29, 2014

This past week was an adventure. We had a normal week with no big news. We went Saturday to Aracati to visit the sisters S.Jonhson, S.Westover, S.Flores, and S. Campelo. All went well. We unfortunately didn't have baptisms this week. :P We will be working hard this week to have 1. We are currently in Fortaleza.

Elder Pinheiro will be returning home in just 8 days. He is super excited. Elder Pinheiro and I will be staying in Fortaleza until Wednesday. We have a mission Conference tomorrow. The entire mission will be coming to Fortaleza tomorrow! We get to see all our friends! Wooh!

Practically this week will be crazy. Take a look.WEEK AT A GLANCE

Sunday-28: We had church and left to Fortaleza. We arrived at night and after a lot of conversations went to bed.
Monday-29: We will be spending our P-Day shopping and visiting cool places in Fortaleza.
Tuesday-30: Mission Conference , Entire Day.
Wednesday-1: Work Work Work
Thursday-2: Work Work Work Enlgish Class.
Friday-3: We head off to Aracati to visit the sisters. *E.Pinheiro's Party* "Shhhh"
Saturday-4: We will be working but we have GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! Woooh
Monday-6: We go to Fortaleza again and have P-day there again. I receive my new companion and we return to Russas.
Tuesday-7: Elder Pinheiro Returns home. 

 WE are working with a lot of couples. We are getting them married. :) We have already set in stone 3 marriages. :D

 Can't wait to hear how the USA is. Keep me updated! Go Brazil! Wooh!
Love you all!,

Elder Riches <3 \o/

 Just a cool picture!

Our Young Single Adults from our ward

 We took this in our area. The terrain is what we walk on every single day. This photo is a very real illustration of how life is here.
Burger King!! Yum!

Can you read  it?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This past week was an amazing one!

To start the week off we had a Family Night at Valeria's house. Tuesday we worked hard and found 3 possible baptisms. A little boy (11 years) Diego. Also a couple who haven't married yet but are planning to be married soon so they can be baptised! :)
We also wrapped up the lessons with Emanuela (A young bright women who has been searchign for the truth for a long time). Diego aand Emanuela who have been visiting the church dilligently, accepted baptism.
We worked Wednesday and then found out that one of our Sisters from Aracati (Another City with 4 Sisters) was transfered. :( We recieved a new Sister from Michigan, Sister Johnson. She studied every day for 9 months in the states on her mission in California and has finnaly come to Brazil speaking Portuguese very very well.


Thursday we sealed the two baptisms (Diego and Emanuela) and taught them how the baptism would be. Also On Thursday i completed 9 months on the mission! :D
Friday was a super busy day we did the interviews for Emanuela and Diego and they both passed!
Saturday we went to Aracati to visit the Sisters. We met our Zone Leaders there and i recieved 3 cards (From Linds, E. Oyston, and the Sewing Grandma<3) I also recieved a package from home of goodies! Peanut Butter!!!!! WOOOH ;D THANKS MOM! <3
Saturday when we finally got back to our city we held the Bapotisms of three people. Nick, Diego, and Emanuela. It was a beautiful day and went wonderfully. :)
Sunday we had Sacrament Meeting and they were all confirmed! :D I LOVE BAPTISMS!

My Companion has 15 days before he leaves to go home. He is super anxious to do some more baptisms before he leave and these last few days he has shown a great lesson of true love. He has shown a piece of how Jesus Christ loved and taught. I am grateful to have Elder Pinheiro as a companion and it is amazing to see the changes of what a mission of 2 years has done to him. He is practically my brother and although we have contention at times we always find the good side and are able to continue working and helping others. It is an incredible experience to be able to forget ourselves and to focus on others. I love this work and say to all, If you have the chance to go on a mission. GO.
I know that God loves us and the he sent His Son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. I know that through his infinite love for us he made a plan so that we may return to his presence. I know that he called Jospeh Smith to be a Prophet, Seer, and Revalator. I know that the same authority that was given to Adam and Prophets of old is still carried by living Prophets and Apostles. Thomas S. Monson is our Living Prophet. Jesus Christ is our Living Saviour. I love this work and know that it is of God.
Thank you for your love and prayers. (And Cards ;)

Elder James Eldon Riches

Monday, August 11, 2014

Como está?
This week passed so fast! I am forgetting what exactly happened.. Haha.

We have been working with our Investagators to gethem to come to church. We have been finding many less-actives and we are helping the return to the light.
I read 3rd Nephi this week and finished this morning. I have never felt a stronger testimony of Christ in my life then when i read about when he was here in the americas. It was an amazing experience and i hope to read it again soon. I will be finishing the book of mormon in a week or so! Can't wait. I love that book!!!!

 Elder Pinheiro and I are practically brothers. I love working with him. We have been working hard with the members and we even started a Choir in our ward. We have many great investagators. We are working with a women who has a daughter in Sweden! She showed us a ton of Photos. It is so beautiful there...! We talked about Eternal Marriage in church on sunday. We ended up talking about the Preisthood haha. Life is great here in Russas.
I made pancakes this week! They turned out super good. I am becoming a chef. :D
I don't have much to report about this week. We had 8 baptisms in our Zone and 2 in our District! The Sisters are baptizing a lot! Good for them! :D
We hope to have a baptism this week! Gabrielle. Everyone pray for Gabrielle! She is a 15 year old girl who is super interestted in the Church! :D

I love you all and i will send some Photos to show you all how it is! <3
Keep up the good work!
Jesus is coming. Jesus está vindo.

Elder James Riches

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello Beautiful People!

This week has been wonderful. We taught Lunara and David every single day. Clayson the other teen quit for some reason, we will be talking with him this week. We have been working super hard and keeping up the good work. We are progressing spiritually and physically as we have been walking so much.

Saturday we woke up at 4 in the morning to catch the bus going to Aracati. The Meeting with the Sisters went great.

We returned and successfully did Lunara's baptism! I went beautifully and i was chosen to baptise her. (See Photos)

We then put on the movie Frozen for everyone to see and had the party which went smoothly. Elder Pinheiro and I then woke up at 5:30 the next morning and went to the church to prepare for the next baptism which would be held at 7:00 in the morning. That baptism aswell went perfectly. I loved it and was so happy to see the joy fill their eyes.

 Elder Pinheiro and I will be going to a mission Conference today in Pacajús. We will be staying there until tuesday night. Elder Pinheiro and I have been playing Chess on and off over these last few days which has been a brain killer. I am thankful for my companion and my Saviour.

We will be working super hard with a women that has two sons as members this week and as well with Clayson. Please pray for them. They need the strength. <3

Thank you for the Letters. I will be getting more today! :D

Love Always Elder James Eldon Riches

Monday, July 21, 2014

Good morning or afternoon or good night depending where you are in the wide wonderful world.

My companion and I have been blessed this week with 3 firm baptisms. 2 Teens walked in our chapel one night when i was teaching English which went amazing by the way. We marked a date after conversing with them to teach them more lessons. They gladly accepted and they went home.
Gladeson and David
 We had met them in the chapel again to do more lessons and they accepted baptism for they 26th. I am so happy for them. They are loving the lessons. We are doing almost all of our lessons with members now.

 The ward is progressing a ton. Our Stake President, President Guimarães, visited us sunday. I loved his talk on raising a family in the gospel.

We were introduced by a member Lunara. She is a Girl about 19 years old and she is super interested in the gospel. She readily accepted baptism and has attened every single activity and sacrament meeting since she recieved the gospel in her life. We are planning a party for her and her baptism. :) This saturday the 26th as well.

  Elder Pinheiro and I are brothers now as we are working super hard. It seems as if nothing can get us down. We are always super tired. We woke up at 4 in the morning saturday to go to Aracati. We visited the Sisters there. There is 4. S. Westover(American), S. Mobley(American), S. Flores(Peru), S. Lopez(Equador). 4 Wonderful Sisters. It must be crazy in their house. With all the cultures there.

We are having success here in Russas and it seems like the Lord has been waiting to bless this ward for sometime. All the members are turning on like light bulbs as if working in the church is something new to them. I'm loving it.

Life is super good here. I will be making pancakes with a return missionary here who speaks English perfectly. We will be working super hard with the members here to increase the wards active member number.
We have 369 members and only 100 something "active" (80).

We will be watching Saints and Soldiers with everyone in the church building Saturday night. We are doing the English class and Movie night and all of that in hopes of getting more people in the church.
It is working. :) Wooh!

I will send some photos if i can. :) I bought glasses with no degrees.
I use them when i teach in the chapel. Hehe #Nerd <3

I taught an amazing lesson for our Gospel Principles class on the Sabbth Day Observance. It went super well. :)  I finsihed Alma and I am almost done with Helaman.

I know The Chruch of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints is the only church on this entire Earth the contains the fullness of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I know The Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I know that our prophet Thomas S. Monson is a man ispired of God and has the keys of God's holy preistood. I know that no matter what the past holds agaisnt you, the Saviour gave his life so that we can change. I know that we find a happiness within the Church of Jesus Christ that can be found in no other place. We are children of our loving heavenly father. He lives.

I love each and every single one of you.

Elder James Eldon Riches

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wow. This week was sooo much better.
we have been teaching many members about the wonderful new lesson "Our Family". We have been explaining it to everyone and the members are preparing their ancestors for the temple. It is great to see people grow closer to our Saviour through Genealogy. We are teaching a women and her boyfriend and their son. Her name is Tatiani and his is Roberto. The Women had already been taught by the missionaries and strange enough we were walking on the street and my comp and I stopped and looked at a closed door with loud music coming from it. We both looked at eachother and nodded. It startled my heart when i looked and saw a Book of Mormon on her table. We are teaching her so she can be married, baptised, and sealed with her Fam. He was super good to see her in the church Sunday.

We have been working a ton with the members and getting everything fixed in the ward. We talked a bunch with the bishop and he is calling people to positions in the ward.

(Just so you guys know. When i say these things like the ward is messy or other things, it's because here in Brasil. The places where we are serving is super alienated. Meaning the nearest authority is 3 hours away and he visits every 1-3 months. So its hard to have a perfectly organized ward with everyone working and not have a few things wrong.)

We have 30 more people in our ward this sunday. It was a ton better. My companion talked about Member Missionary work. Super good talk. After they sacrament. People started to get up and leave and start it all over again. I went to the door with my companion and we stayed there (after he had finished with his talk he joined me). We turned back all the little kids and amazing only 3 people left. Everyone realized that it is not right to leave during talks or sacrament meating. About half the ward thanked us for doing that saying, " We felt the spirit a lot stronger today". It was great to help out. We are encouraging everyone to start inviting people to church. I told them that in one year everyone in this city should know the name "Mormon". I told them to invite everyone. They accepted the challenge with a smile. :) If we continue to grow we will be opening up a branch here.

I will be starting to teach English every Thrusday to get people into the church and take away the fear of entering the big chapel. :D
I am excited to start teaching my  own language and so is everyone that we are inviting.

Elder Pinheiro said to me out of the middle of no where "Elder Riches you are one of the best companions i have had on this mission". I love my companion. :) He goes home in 3 months and we think i will kill him. (He will end his mission with me).

Everything is well. The language is perfect, I have been studying a lot lately. I have found a new born love for the Book of Mormon. I am finishing Alma right now. I read faster and faster each day wanting to know "what happens next". :D

Thank you all for your wonderful emails. Keep up the good work!
"The Book is Blue, The Church is True, and Jesus wasn't just a Jew"
"Every Member A Missionary"

-Elder James Eldon Riches

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey guys!
Another week has said good bye and the next one is at the door.

This week we have big plans here in Russas. We have been planning with the Bishop to start reactivating a ton of people. We called some return missionaries to help us out. We have about 50-60 people going to church every sunday. We want 200..
This week has been a little bit stressful as i have been learning how to be more humble. I think it's one of the things we have to learn on the mission. I am grateful for my companion and his patience with me. Elder Afonso.
I also had cut my hair. Myself. I messed up a little bit and.. yea i wont be sending many pictures for the next couple weeks.. :P
Transfers are in 2 weeks! My birthday will be in 6 days!!! I am almost 19 already! It is incredible how time flys by. :)
We are currently teaching a couple who a super interested in the church. Marcelo and Nayarra. Marcelo was baptised but he went inactive and Nayarra is wanting to be baptised both wanting to get back to church where they know they belong. They will be married soon. :) I can't wait.
We are teaching some other families aswell! Cool stuff! 
Love you all!

-Elder Riches

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Como Vocês estão? 

Life in Brasil is great! We had 6 people in The Church yesterday and we are planning on a baptism this week. We are teaching many families and progressing! 

 We are teaching a Family of 4 right now. Neudo and his family are Catholic (Like everyone) but their relative was baptised just a few weeks ago. They are very interested in the church and acepted baptism very quickly. It was amazing to see their dedication. I taught the Word Of Wisdom with my companhion Elder Giorgetti and we asked them if they had any problems with any of the items listed (Alchool, Smoking, Drugs, Black Tea, Or Coffee). They responded "Coffee"... I was afraid that like other investagators they would be kept from baptism just because they love Coffee. I asked them if they would be willing to leave coffee and never touch it again. They hisitated and then responded, "Yes". -Spark of faith bursted in my heart- I responded after a moments pause.. "Would be willling to give me your coffee you have in your house so that it doesn't tempt you?" They responded again in the Positive. It brought a smile to my face to see the mother walk out of the house towards us with her coffee in hand. They really want to be baptised.. We will baptised them on the 21st of June. I can't wait. 

We also found out that as part of the World Cup. We as missionaries can't leave the house (Even for Lunch) on the Day when Brasil Will Play. We will have more or less 13 P-days This Transfer. I will be making a lot of pizza haha.. I am glad i learned how! 

I am loving brazil and this wonderful area as well this language. I hope to continue learning and growing. I know God and Jesus Christ live. I know The Book of Mormon is True, I know Jospeh Smith was a Prophet and that this being true President Thomas S. Monson is the rightful man Called of God to be our Prophet. 

Love Forever,

Elder Riches

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Queridos Irmãos  e Irmãs, 
This week was  unforgettable. 
This past week we received a new Elder from Paraguay.  He name is Elder Mayeregger. 
He is super cool. I like him. We also recieved 4  Sisters into our District. I went there to their city and helped Elder Mayeregger perform some baptisms.   I will send some photos. It was so  beautiful. The city of the sisters is called. quixadá . It is surrounded by Mountains. So pretty.They have a mountain there that is in the shape of a Chicken. Its famous in brazil. 

We also had a conference of 500 missionaries in Fortaleza yesterday. It was amazing. 2 Missions. Fortaleza Leste and Mission Fortaleza. It was great to see friends but it was  even greater to hear from an apostle of Jesus Christ, Elder Anderson. He spoke in Portuguese about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He spoke that people who are being converted to the Gospel cannot stay firm in the church without an understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I loved it and i took many notes. 
His wife spoke  in English with a Translator at her side. It was interesting to hear two versions of the same talk. I loved it. 

It was a wonderful spiritual experience. 

We are teaching about 5 families. Hopefully we have a baptism this next week. :) I will show the photos of Quixadá. 

Love, Elder Riches

Missão Brazil Fortaleza Leste

Monday, April 28, 2014

Olá Tudo mundo! 

Como Foi a Sua Semana? 

Seems like I blinked my eyes and now i am another 6 weeks further in the Mission.
I feel i will be Transfered this Transfer. Transfers are on wednesday. 
I can´t wait to see the new missionarys. 

We are Teaching a family here Valdinei and Joelha. With Their 2 Daughters Andreza and Ingritch.
They need to be married so we are helping with that. We only have 20 people here that are members. so we are trying to create a Branch. 
We are inviting everyone we can here to experience the joy of millions. 

I love this work. Though it is veyr hard to continue with faith when we invite 200+- people to church and only 2 people show up on sunday. It is pretty sad. 

The Mission President payed a special suprise visit to us last week. He helped us realize that we need to use the Spirit more. I have been studying every day to find how to use the Spirit more. 

I have used this film of the Church almost 15 times this weeks to celebrate Easter. 
I hope everyone enjoys and is uplifted by it. 

I love you all
-Elder Riches
Limeiro Do Norte
Fortaleza Lesta Missão Brazil

picture of their chapel

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter Everyone! 

I hope everyone of you had a wonderful time to remeber The Savior of the World and his sacrifice. Remembering that he did what no man could, can, or will be able to do. We can show our appreciation through repentance and following the teachings of Him and His Prophets.

This week we had 0 baptisms again, but on the bright side we reactivated a less active. Normally we have 20 of our investagators in the church. This sunday. We had 0. We had the least amount of people baptised and in the church than throughout the entire mission.  I have been praying for strength to look into each one of their eyes and ask "Why"?  

 I love this work. It is in no doubt the hardest work i have ever done in my life. I hope and pray that one of our investagators will progress. 

We had a miracle but Satan is determined here. 

Patrick. He is a young boy of 16 years. He prayed with an honest heart to know 3 things. 
1. Is The Book of Mormon a true revelation of God and words of Prophetas. 
Answer: Yes.
2. Is The Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints the true church of God.
Answer: (Vocal Voice Of Unknown Origin) YES. 
3. Do I (Patrick) have a purpose in my church (Baptist of Cannão). 
Answer: "Nothing" 

He later accounted that the pastor of his church called him the next morning and asked him to play the guitar in the church. I had been waiting 3 years for her to ask him. I don´t know why but Satan is determined to keep everyone pinned down here in Limeiro Do Norte. 

I pray for him and our other investagators each day. 

 I also Pray for each of you. Let this amazing experience and miracle stregthen your faith as it did mine. 

I wish you all a Happy Easter. 


Elder Riches

Monday, April 14, 2014

Family Home Evening with some members

Members recently baptized

members in their ward

An armadillo tail?
Hello All! 

This week has been going well. We have many investagators and many baptisms set. 

I love this country. I can´t believe how fast time is passing. One goal i will accomplish in the next couple weeks is that 4 days ago i began reading in Portuguese, The Book of Mormon. I arrived at chapter 3 of 2nd Nephi this morning. I am taking time to mark the scriptures and read each verse. I am reading so fast because every 5 mins i have, I read. I find it so fascinating that i can read in another language. I can´t wait to read today. I take the Book Of Mormon with me everywhere. 
I love this gospel. We had one interesting experience when we encountered a pastore. Of another Church. She questioned us about the Book of Mormon. She tried to say that it is wrong and that we are wrong and that we should leave. I told her with every ferver of my soul in my testimony that any person that has an open heart and faith will read this book and then i bore my testimony about the promise of Moroni, that if anyone should read these things they should pray to God in the Name of Jesus, and question if these things which he/she read are not true. 
I told her that she can not throw the Book of Mormon in the trash before reading it. I promised her she would know that these things are true. She accepted it and we left. I can only pray she has a heart soft enough to change her entire life to believe in the one true Church of Jesus Christ. 

It hurts me to think that my investagators will not even go to church to  try. Each time they don´t complete comprissos i blame it on my lack of teaching ability. I need to teach stronger. I need to teach with the Holy ghost. I need to bear my testimony with every ounce of faith i have. Then, if they don´t commit. They will have to explain to God in the Heavens why, when he sent us, they did not even care or want to know. 

I love this gospel. I will never be able to deny the miracles that are happening on the Earth every day we live. 
Thank you, my wonderful friends for your beautiful emails and testimonys. I love to read them and i love to hear about the States. 

Everyone have a great week! I leave you with the Inspired Beautiful Words of Elder Holland. 

"If you have made covenants, keep them. If you haven’t made them, make them. If you have made them and broken them, repent and repair them. It is never too late so long as the Master of the vineyard says there is time. Please listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit telling you right now, this very moment, that you should accept the atoning gift of the Lord Jesus Christ and enjoy the fellowship of His labor. Don’t delay. It’s getting late. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Love you all without end,
Elder James Riches 
Fortaleza East Mission Brazil

Limeiro Do Norte

Monday, April 7, 2014

I love General Conference. I watched it in Portuguese. :P I loved it. 

So one thing that was very ironic this past week. 

-I was walking on the side walk and i was talking on the cell phone. I asked. Where is the Cabeleria. (Where you cut your hair) I forgot the word in English. :( 
Then i hit my head on a Air Condicionar. I fell to the ground and touched where i hit my head and my head was red.. 
My companion grabbed the cell phone and asked immediately. Where is the Hospital?! 

We walked to the Hospital with a trail of blood spots following us. 

I received 3 stitches. I will send photos. I got them taken out today. It was pretty scary. I was able to teach lessons the very same night. 

God looks out for us. We went back to the scene of the accident. We looked at the Air C. And there was nails that i could of hit and did a ton more damage. 

I am grateful that it was not worse. :)
1. pic is after a service project we did, very dirty. 

2. We rented a hotel room for our investigators to watch conference (below).  There is only one hotel here.
the other photos are of our church, and the area.  It is really beautiful here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How is everyone?!!? 

So great week this week! We had 2 more baptisms! Our group will soon be a branch! We have been teaching a ton! 
I am loving it here in Brazil! I can´t wait until i can speak fluently. Most of the time people understand me. Then sometimes i get a person when i ask them a question like this...

Person: Where are you from?
Me: Guess! :) 
Person: ahhh Cool! 
Me: ..........................Guess! 
Person: Huh? (He is still talking to me?) 
Me: Guess where i am from... (Friend of the person says what i am saying in a slightly better accent).
Person: OOHHHH! Argentina? 
Me: Oo
Me: Eu Sou Dos Estados Unidos.
Person: Oh Cool!.................. Ummm.......... Can I have a picture with you? 
Me: Of Course!
Person: Awesome Thanks! 
Me: Can We Teach You? 
Person: Yes! :D
Bam Pesquisador! 

 Yea that happens about everyday. Its fun! I love it! We had dinner with the only active member here. He was a Stake President.  We talked about how churches down here have strayed off from the path so much. I got a 3 min recording of a guy screaming at 250 people about jerusulem and the city of corinthians. I understand about 8 words. But it was pretty interesting... we got invited to the EFY for another church. It was  3 day church thing during carnival. We went on the last day for 1 hour. It was very interesting. The Spirit was not there but everyone in the crowd thought it was. They began screaming back. Scared me a bit but i recovered. ;) 

I have learned how to make a ton of food. I love making Pastels for our house. 

I love Jeff R Holland I have been listening to some talks by him.

Elder Riches

James and his companion that just went home

James and his new companion

a kind of fruit they eat down there. (he wasn't sure of the name)

Lake that they did their baptisms in 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10

This week has been amazing! I have been working super hard! We have 13 baptisms set for this Saturday. More or Less. We have two families for sure. I love this area. It has been amazing as i am hearing more. I can translate from Portuguese to English nearly 100% of the time. I just have trouble speaking.
I also wanted to share a funny story. So we are teaching Roberto and his family. We taught them the Palavra De Sabedoria last night.(Word of Wisdom). So we went through the 5 things he could not use. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, black tea, and they were totally cool with those. They said they would follow it! Then my companion looked at me. I knew exactly what i needed to say. I could feel i was going to be a challenge for this family but i said it nonetheless. Café! Coffee. They all looked at me with distress. I explained to them that everything we are commanded to do is because God loves us. Then I explained how if they change just a little it would change their lives greatly. ( I gave the story how if you were to fly from Fortaleza to Fortaleza all around the world. Then you changed your course with 1 degree. when you flew around the world you would arrive back 500 miles from your original destination.
They said they would follow it. The best part was. We sat their for about 30 seconds letting them soak it in. Then my companion, Elder Ross, Said, " to help you out, can we have all your coffee?" I looked at him exactly how all the others did. "What?" They said yes and we took two bags of coffee home that night.
We also had to move their baptism dates forward. The only complaint was that Roberto said, " I need to get work off, but yea it should be fine." HAHA! Its so cool to see when people receive answers to their prayers, how quick they will drop everything to follow Christ. It definitely strengthened my testimony. 
I am losing my companion next Monday. He is going home. It will be a little hectic with me traveling to Fortaleza. So it might be a different time when i Email.

I am so grateful for all of you! I love you all. Here are some pictures of our week. :)
Also! I made a new friend! His name is Felipe! He is a monkey! He followed us on telephone wires for a while. IT was awesome. We also had our first member baptized in Limeiro Do Norte. She is with the other missionaries. :)
Sempre Ama, Elder Riches

March 3

This has been amazing! So to start off. I was in Pacajus! It was pretty awesome. 
Then! I got transferred! I received a new companion that knows you Mary Felber. He goes home in 16 days and is one of the hardest workers on the mission. My last trainer was not really "training" me. So president said he is putting him with me to train me super well. I have learned so much. The best part is.. This Elder works.... Its  killing me. Not really but it has been a huge change. His name is Elder Ross. He is an American and speaks fluent Portuguese. 

So the cool thing is, we and two other Brazilians, Are starting an area! We are in a place were literally no one knows about The Church. Everyone is curious and wondering who we are. The Church has literally never touched this area before. We arrived here on Terca-Feira. Or Tuesday. We have 76 new investigators. In 5 days.   Told you he works... We have taught a ton ton ton of lessons. I lay down at night and pass out. We are in a amazingly beautiful and clean city of Limeiro do Norte. We love it here. We have been working super hard and inviting everyone we can to church. This weekend is Carnival. This means that as we walk home. Everyone is partying in the streets. Its funny to watch. 
We have a few super good investigators.  
I have a few good pics for you all!

But that's all that has happened here! Its a super big privilege to start the church here. I love it. I thank God everyday. :)