Mission Home Address:

Mission Home Address:
Elder James Eldon Riches
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission
Rua Republica da Armenia,765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-Ce

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
This past week was more productive. I found out that it's not as easy to be District Leader but the Lord trusts me to do my work. I am grate ful the opurtunity and happy to serve. We will be have a "Secret Santa" this week in our District. :D
We had an amazing inspiring Christmas Conference of our Mission. We watched "Aurthur Christmas" #AmazingChristmasStory and we ate Pancakes with Mapel Syrup (Which doesn't exist in Brazil) It was an adventure and a huge spiritually uplifting experience in my life and i thank God for having such a loving and inspired Mission President. :)

This week we will also be able talk with our parents! :) What a great time of year it is full of joy and LOVE. Speaking of love...
This past week we had a marriage! Two amazing Inestagators Welida and Lucvanio. The were married on Thursday. :D It was a very beautiful marriage. The Judge ended up talking about how Marriage was eternal and not just for this life which i found interesting. :) #Mormons
WE will be having 2-3 Baptisms this week because of some marriages that i have been helping/plaaning for some months now. They are finally happening! :D
Speaking on CHRISTMAS. #Christmas.mormon.org
I have never felt so loved by my Saviour. What a wonderful time to be happy and thankful for our Saviour. I am so grateful for the love my Saviour showed when he died for every one of us and our Sins. He lives, I know He lives. I am grateful to have been loved and created within the Peaceful joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He showed us the example of what we should do. We have so many chances to prove ourselves and He never gets angry but just simply waits, smiles , and shows His love for us through forgivness and pure unconditional love.
May we remember during these days of Light our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ and His life.
I love you all and wish you all a very merry christmas. :)

Elder Riches

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