Mission Home Address:

Mission Home Address:
Elder James Eldon Riches
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission
Rua Republica da Armenia,765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-Ce

Monday, February 24, 2014

Como Vi?! Thank you everyone for sending emails, i am sorry if i can´t respond. Just know that i cherish your words in my heart. I love hearing all your experiences and it helps me a ton in my mission. Thank you so much. 
I am an Uncle of a New Baby!!!! Megan! That's so Awesome!!! Grats!!!!!!!! :D
This week was very interesting. We continued to teach lessons and it was awesome. We had a lot of fun in sharing the gospel. On Wednesday we went out for dinner which was not normal. We usually don´t have dinner. It was good timing because that very night. at 8, i received a call from the assistants. They told me that i am leaving for Fortaleza at 6:00 A.M.. The next morning. So we finished up and went home. I packed my bags and we talked for a while. It ended up being a nice conversation. In the end as we went to bed. He left me with one scripture, knowing that because i was waking up at 4. A.M. I would not be able to talk with him then. He left me with Moroni 8:3. Probably one of the coolest things i have read as a goodbye note. 

But we left the house at 6:00 and began our journey to Fortaleza. Elder Gardner and I. The only other American. We passed many cities and spent much of the time just looking out the windows at Brazil. We finally fell fast asleep in the beds of the Support house of Fortaleza. At 11:15 at night. That's about 16-17 hours of Traveling. It was super fun. 

So i was emergency transferred to Pacajus. It is a large town 1 hour out of Fortaleza. Thing is. I am only here temporary, I will be transferred again this week. Not sure when. I am living off of 3 pairs of clothes. 

I am companions with Elder Smih and Live with two other missionaries. I love the people here. They are amazing. 

So about the language. While on the bus, i decided that i knew Portuguese. And so the second i arrived in Pacajus. I began speaking to and understanding everyone. I have no problem understanding anyone.( The Gift of Tongues is so Real) 
My companion is an american from North Carolina. He has a super strong southern Accent. Super funny. 

I ate chicken heart! Really good! 

So this is the lesson i learned this week. It comes from the August 2013 Ensign. 

#Sarcasm.  The Greek root word for Sarcasm is "Sarkazein" and signifies " To tear flesh like dogs". 
To give pain
to convey aggression or insult
to Dominate others or Belittle 
To Contempt Anger
And this one is the most important to me and super important for me on my mission. - To Make others think we are not serious about the words we choose to use-. 
That hit hard as i am a missionary. I want to make sure everyone knows that the words of Christ i share are words that i am serious about and that i use with my heart and not lightly. 
I learned that no use of sarcasm has ever made a person look wise or smarter.  So that's my goal this week. Think about everything i am going to say before i say it. Think about how it will affect others. Think about what feelings it will create. Because that's what matters. Not what you meant. But how the other person receives it. - That's why i believe it says in the white handbook- " Use clear, dignified language. To always be a representative of Christ. Also. Avoid all appearance of Evil." 

That's my lesson i learned this week. I love you all. Even if i don´t reply, Know. That i read every word of every single one of your emails. I promise. I cherish the words in my hearts. 

Thank you for everything. Love always.
-Elder Riches

-Eu Vou Voltar Com Honra!- Sempre Com Deus!

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