Mission Home Address:

Mission Home Address:
Elder James Eldon Riches
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission
Rua Republica da Armenia,765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-Ce

Monday, April 7, 2014

I love General Conference. I watched it in Portuguese. :P I loved it. 

So one thing that was very ironic this past week. 

-I was walking on the side walk and i was talking on the cell phone. I asked. Where is the Cabeleria. (Where you cut your hair) I forgot the word in English. :( 
Then i hit my head on a Air Condicionar. I fell to the ground and touched where i hit my head and my head was red.. 
My companion grabbed the cell phone and asked immediately. Where is the Hospital?! 

We walked to the Hospital with a trail of blood spots following us. 

I received 3 stitches. I will send photos. I got them taken out today. It was pretty scary. I was able to teach lessons the very same night. 

God looks out for us. We went back to the scene of the accident. We looked at the Air C. And there was nails that i could of hit and did a ton more damage. 

I am grateful that it was not worse. :)
1. pic is after a service project we did, very dirty. 

2. We rented a hotel room for our investigators to watch conference (below).  There is only one hotel here.
the other photos are of our church, and the area.  It is really beautiful here.

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