Mission Home Address:

Mission Home Address:
Elder James Eldon Riches
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission
Rua Republica da Armenia,765
Agua Fria
60821-760 Fortaleza-Ce

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dec 31, 2013

So This week has been amazing! 

I watched the Character of Christ. It changed my Life. It was Elder Bednar and I have never felt more impressed to change my life to God in my entire life.. 
I took so many notes and I have set many goals. I have been doing great. 

So yesterday my companion, Elder Gardner, and I taught a proxy lesson. (They are so real...) So we were taken by surprise. Our teacher came in, said, "You have 2 mins to prepare.", and left.. 
Instead of the usual, memorizing lines, studying a lesson, or writing things in our Scriptures to say. We simply prayed and went in with nothing prepared except for our Portuguese and our knowledge of the Gospel. 
So we went in and immediately started talking to him with no real goal. Within a min. we began going into the Gospel. We went through so many different points, i came up with so many different phrases, we got him to read the Book of Mormon and at the end we taught him how to pray and he said he didn't want to but we convinced him to! It was so much fun! The Spirit was undoubtedly there and if that was a real situation, he would be baptized within a couple weeks. :P

So that same day right after that, my companion and I were studying in the Room and all of a sudden the loud speaker comes on and says, "Is there any Elders in the room?". We both reply yes. "Is there an Elder James Riches and an Elder Grant Mcgaughy?". "Yes" Again.
"I have some good news for you." (Drum Roll...) "Your Visas Came In! Come Pick Up Your Travel Itinerary!". Needless to say.. We yelled. So my companion will have 3 seperate companions all within 2 weeks lol. That means within our Zone. Within the first 2.5 weeks. 10 Elders have received their Visas.. 
I leave Thursday the 2nd of January at 4:30 Am. My roommate Elder Mcgaughy leaves at 7. We both get in to Sao Paulo at 8:30 in the morning, on Friday! Over 24 hours of flying and waiting. Can't Wait! I will join my friends down in Brazil for the MTC! I am super excited. :)
I will keep you all notified of what happens! :) 

Elder Riches

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